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Green Nagapadam Big Locket With Short Chain - S0341

Red Palakka Locket With Chain - T09747

Green Palakka Short Necklace - S04219

Green 4 Palakka Necklace - T01476

Blue 30 Nagapadam Necklace - T07653

Red 44 Palakka Necklace Chain - T01478

Twin Green Palakka Pendant With Chain - T04594

Green Adora Palakka Necklace - T01482

Red 4 Palakka Necklace - T09746

White Stone Laxmi Coin Long Necklace with Big Palakka Locket - S0345

Green 24 Manga Necklace - U011022

Green 16 Nagapadam Necklace - T01475

Green 4 Palakka Short Necklace - S04225

Red Palakka Big Locket with Chain - S05229

Red Palakka White Splendid Necklace - T04595

Round Red Stone Locket With Chain - S03101

Green Palakka Round Bead Necklace - T04569

Red 8 Palakka Necklace - T01479

Green Palakka Locket With Chain - T09744

Green Nagapadam 12 Short Necklace - S04133

Green Manga Pendant With Chain - T04599

Green Round Palakka Short Necklace-S04131

Mango Red & Green Palakka Necklace - S0340

Green 13 Nagapadam Necklace - T01484

Green 20 Palakka Short Necklace -S04144

Green 14 Palakka Necklace - T07652

Green 22 Lovely Palakka Necklace - T07651

Green 24 Manga Necklace - T01477

Green 16 Palakka Necklace - T01485

Green Palakka Stone Big Locket With Chain - S0331

Magenta Green Royal Palakka Necklace With Stud - T06647

Red 20 Nagapadam Necklace - T01481

Kathakali in Green Nagapadam Big Locket Short Chain - T03547

Green 12 Manga Necklace - T01486

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