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Single Layer Dumbbell Necklace - S07331

White Magenta Green Pavo Necklace With Drops - S12471

White & Magenta Stone Short Necklace -S0382

White Magenta Pavone Pendant With Chain - T04591

White Stone Single Flower Short Necklace - S04214

Magenta Green Twilling Feather Necklace With Drops - S12469

South Indian Stone Necklace Chain - S04147

Black Intricate Necklace - S10428

Three Layer Dumbbell Necklace - T06645

Ekakini Short Necklace - S10411

White Zayra Necklace - S08355

Small Leaf Laxmi Stone Locket with Adjustable Short Chain - S04149

White Atria Necklace - S07319

Magenta Small Aaral Necklace - S05232

White Magenta Lovisa Necklace With Drops - S12458

Stylish Short Necklace - S04142

White Magenta Wallflower Necklace With Drops - S12463

CZ Floral Short Necklace - S04215

CZ Peacock Pendant With Short Chain - S06245

Mango Shaped Stone Locket with Adjustable Short Chain - S04143

Magenta Zayra Necklace - S08358

Floral Short Stone Necklace - S04221

Black Crystal Necklace - S09393

White Magenta Tansy Necklace With Drops - S12467

White Emollient Necklace - S10434

White Magenta Humming Bird Necklace With Drop - S12457

White Exotic Peacock Long Necklace - T02539

Multilayer Adorn Necklace - S10433

White Magenta Zunairah Necklace With Danglers - T02541

Artize Necklace - S09405

Kalliyunjal Coin Short Necklace - S04139

White Magenta Meritorious Necklace With Drops - S12462

White Green Trikone Necklace With Drops - S12460

Muti Layered Stone Necklace Chain - S04138

White Magenta Janet Necklace With Drops - S12466

Stylish Short Stone Necklace - S04140

White Magenta Exotic Peacock Necklace - T02538

White Elixir Necklace - S10410

Red Stone Short Necklace - S0383

Milany Neclace - S10426

White Stone Short Necklace - S04132

Red Crystal Necklace - S09392

White Zaira Necklace - S08362

Kaira Necklace - S10406

White Magenta Peafowl Necklace With Drops - S12459

Brilliant CZ Mayura Pendant with Short Chain - S06244

Red Stone Butterfly Short Necklace -S04222

Short Necklace With Red Stone Single Flower - S04218

White Magenta Green Paun Necklace With Drops - S12468

Sehra Necklace - S08356

Charming Stone Necklace Long Chain - S04209

Green Crystal Necklace - S09394

Beautiful Leafy Short Stone Necklace - S04213

Dazzling White Necklace - S09395

White Twirling Feather Necklace - S10429

White Stone Short Stylish Necklace - S04146

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