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Star & Crescent Coin Long Necklace - V101692

White Magenta Lakshmy Round Pendant With Chain - U011023

Peacock Locket With Chain - U081169

Magenta Lakshmi Locket Embroidery With Chain - V021397

White Ekisha Necklace - T09771

Red Big Palakka Locket with Chain - V031434

White Lakshmy Necklace - V051559

Magenta Kylene Short Necklace - W061843

White Peafowl Short Necklace - W091863

White Calendula Short Necklace - X021974

Dahlia Short Necklace - W121947

Designer Mango Locket with Chain - V031436

Aasia Short Necklace - U091239

White Fontaine Short Necklace - U081177

White Big Laxmi Locket With Chain - T05602

White Magenta Lakshmi Jasmine Bud Necklace - T03545

Manga Long Necklace - V071588

White Adora Short Necklace - U091245

Medium Dollar Coin Short Necklace - W051810

White Green Splendid Ganesh Necklace - T04593

Magenta Coin Long Necklace - V041517

Plain Single Layer Dumbell Necklace - U091233

Magenta White Ellie Pendant With Chain - U081197

White Magenta Ellie Pendant With Chain - U081196

Elakkathali Choker Necklace - W041782

White Magenta Sehra Pendant With Chain - V021400

White Magenta Green Pavo Necklace With Drops - S12471

Ciana Broad Long Necklace - V101674

White Lakshmy Coin Long Necklace - V081611

White Magenta Green Paun Necklace With Drops - S12468

Green 30 Palakka Pullinagam Necklace - V031429

White Laxmi 5 Layer Necklace - W051812

Red Crystal Necklace - S09392

Zilara Necklace - T12998

White Stone Short Necklace - S04132

Stylish Short Necklace - S04142

Matte Single Layer Dumbell Necklace - U091232

Disha short Necklace - V081614

White Magenta Green Antique Peacock With Danglers - T02542

White Green Trikone Necklace With Drops - S12460

White Lakshmi Naina Locket With Chain - T09756

Blue Guitar Locket With Chain - U031055

Nora Short Necklace - U091251

Thalikoottam Short Necklace - U091228

Blue 38 Manga Necklace - V031428

Green Manga Lakshmy Locket With Chain - W031763

Magenta Advik Locket With Chain - T07701

Magenta Medium Laxmi Locket with Chain - S07318

Matte Magenta Green 5 Layer Imara Necklace - V011370

Peafowl Pendant with Chain - W031764

Lakshmi Kasu Necklace - T09800

Alona Short Necklace - W091864

Magenta Lekshmy Pendant with Chain - U091259

White Black Shahira Short Necklace - X021975

Ekakini Short Necklace - S10411

Blue 30 Palakka Pullinagam Necklace - T07653

White 5 Layer Sarah Necklace - V011372

White Magenta Pavone Pendant With Chain - T04591

White Dollar Locket With Chain - T09776

White Magenta Blue Fly Pendant with Chain - V101680

Short Ball Chain with Laxmi White Stone Big Locket - S10408

Antique Laxmi Green Pasi Short Necklace - S0348

Flower Coin Stone Long Necklace - S04148

White Lekshmi Round Pendant With Chain - U101289

The Royal Elegant Laxmi Necklace With Danglers - T02540

Green Palakka Adele Necklace - W061834

White Coin Long Necklace - V041518

White Magenta Kathakali Necklace - V041479

Long Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - U081190

Kathakali in Green Nagapadam Big Locket Short Chain - T03547

White Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - U101266

Dazzling White Necklace - S09395

White Bria Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - U081192

Lakshmy Kasu Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - W061844

Blue Peafowl Palakka Necklace - V081612

White Magenta Apple Necklace - T06648

White Jasmine Bud Pendant With Chain - U091262

Kerala Green Nagapadam Big Short Necklace - S0349

Milany Neclace - S10426

White Akria Pendant with Chain - V031437

White Amy Short Necklace with Drops - U081176

White Magenta Tansy Necklace With Drops - S12467

Maya Necklace - T07703

Haver Long Necklace - W061831

Laxmi Leaf Short Necklace with Stud - S04185

Magenta Manga Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - W091862

Green Manga Laxmi Locket With Chain - V101672

Green Palakka Lakshmy Lotus Locket with Chain - V031435

Magenta Lakshmi Short Necklace - W121948

Tassel Kalliyunjal Choker Necklace - W061842

Medium Flower Bud Short Necklace - V081613

Magenta Green Lekshmy Locket With Chain - U121344

White Coin Laxmi Elegant Necklace - S07314

Black Crystal Necklace - S09393

White Daffodil Flower Pendant With Chain - U081188

Lakshmi Dark Red Palakka Necklace - U101293

White Stone Kalliyunjal Short Necklace - S04212

Red Aasia Pendant With Chain - U011020

Magenta Daffodil Pendant With Chain - U081189

White Magenta Wallflower Necklace With Drops - S12463

Rudraksha Siva Lingam Pendant with Chain - V031438

Magenta Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T021

White Elixir Necklace - S10410

White Cascade Coin Short Necklace - S10414

Head Kasu Short Necklace - S09387

Single Layer Dumbbell Necklace - S07331

Green Tiara Necklace - T11861

Lovely Short Necklace - W091865

Drina Long Necklace - V011362

Green Melodius Necklace - V041482

Green Medium Palakka Locket With Chain - X021976

Small Leaf Laxmi Stone Locket with Short Chain - S04149

Hanging Kasu Necklace - U101290

Magenta Lakshmy Coin Necklace - V021398

Dollar Kasu Ciana Short Necklace - W051809

Kerala Traditional Medium Long Kathakali Necklace - S0339

Bella Broad Necklace - U031032

White Exotic Peacock Long Necklace - T02539

Sway Short Necklace - W091866

Green Nagapadam Big Locket With Short Chain - S0341

Magenta Leafy Lakshmi Pendant With Chain - T03549

Floria Short Necklace - U091252

Green Crystal Necklace - S09394

Eliana Long Necklace - X031982

Taren Short Necklace - W061845

White Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T04585

Black Flower Sufi Necklace - W091867

White Magenta Exotic Peacock Necklace - T02538

White Magenta Zunairah Necklace With Danglers - T02541

Lakshmi Green Palakka Necklace - V031439

Classic Laxmi Kasu Short Necklace - S032

White Magenta Humming Bird Necklace With Drop - S12457

Medium White Lakshmy Locket With Chain - U121345

Magenta Lakshmi Maple Leaf Necklace - T04587

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