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Mango Shaped Short Necklace - S04145

Small Jasmine Bud Necklace - T09799

Magenta Green Royal Palakka Necklace With Stud - T06647

Green 13 Nagapadam Necklace - T01484

White Magenta Wallflower Necklace With Drops - S12463

White Magenta Lovisa Necklace With Drops - S12458

White Magenta Green Inaya Necklace - T07660

Shriya Long Necklace - T09792

Green 14 Palakka Necklace - T07652

White Round Small Laxmi Locket with Chain - S07324

Kaira Necklace - S10406

White Atria Necklace - S07319

Green Nagapadam 12 Short Necklace - S04133

Mango Shaped Stone Locket with Short Chain - S04143

Red Palakka Big Locket with Chain - S05229

White Stone Laxmi Coin Long Necklace with Big Palakka Locket - S0345

Magneta Emollient Necklace - S10425

Black Crystal Multi-layer Necklace - T06646

Biba Broad Necklace - S07309

Laxmi Kasu Floral Long Necklace - S04210

Green Palakka Locket With Chain - T09744

Stone Small Locket with Short Chain - S05228

Lakshmi Blue Palakka Necklace - T09790

White Aasia Necklace - T09772

South Indian Wedding Long Necklace - S04134

Ethnic Coin Lakshmi Short Neclace - S10435

Magenta Glittering Lakshmi Necklace - T04596

Traditional Necklace Chain - S0379

White Elixir Necklace - S10410

Ravishing Long Necklace - T05605

White Dollar Locket With Chain - T09776

Neha Necklace - T07705

White Magenta Ethnic Laxmi Choker With Drops - S12465

Classic Laxmi Kasu Short Necklace - S032

White Cascade Coin Short Necklace - S10414

White Magenta Janet Necklace With Drops - S12466

Laxmi Leaf Short Necklace with Stud - S04185

Wedding Necklace Chain -S04136

Green 12 Manga Necklace - T01486

Magenta Audrina Long Multi Layer Necklace - S10412

Green 4 Palakka Necklace - T01476

Layla Broad Necklace - T06649

Charming Stone Necklace Long Chain - S04209

Lakshmi Kasu Necklace - T09800

Laura Necklace - T07655

Anya Necklace - T01474

Julissa Necklace - T07656

Round Red Stone Locket With Chain - S03101

Beautiful Leafy Short Stone Necklace - S04213

Twin Green Palakka Pendant With Chain - T04594

Stylish Short Stone Necklace - S04140

White Red Florie Locket With Chain - T09788

White Green Splendid Ganesh Necklace - T04593

Imperial Necklace - S10424

Ixia Necklace - S09404

Zareen Long Necklace - T09794

White Lakshmi Locket With Chain - T09752

White Coin Laxmi Elegant Necklace - S07314

The Royal Laxmi Necklace - S07311

Green Adora Palakka Necklace - T01482

Magenta Zayra Necklace - S08358

White Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T04584

White Magenta Tansy Necklace With Drops - S12467

Magenta Leafy Lakshmi Pendant With Chain - T03549

Short Ball Chain with Laxmi White Stone Big Locket - S10408

Diya Long Necklace - T08735

Three Layer Dumbbell Necklace - S07323

Small Leaf Laxmi Stone Locket with Short Chain - S04149

Design Jasmine Bud Long Necklace - S07310

Green Manga Pendant With Chain - T04599

Magenta Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T04586

Jwala Traditional Long Necklace - T08734

Juanita Long Necklace - T09793

Lakshmi Kasu Necklace - T09753

Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - S04220

Ekakini Short Necklace - S10411

White Magenta Meritorious Necklace With Drops - S12462

kathakali Necklace with Stud - S07316

Ileana Necklace - T07657

White Magenta Green Paonne Necklace - T07706

Laxmi Kasu Magenta Stone Short Necklace - S04135

Green Nagapadam Big Locket With Short Chain - S0341

Green 24 Manga Necklace - T01477

White Exotic Peacock Long Necklace - T02539

White Magenta Stone Short Necklace - S0382

Avnita Necklace - T03552

Milany Neclace - S10426

Magenta Green Swark Pendant with Chain - S07317

Magenta Mia Necklace - S10407

Devi Coin Stone Long Necklace - S0344

Green Round Palakka Chutty Short Necklace - S0384

Red Dollar Mishka Necklace - T09749

White Ekisha Necklace - T09771

Laxmi Mango Design Necklace - S07313

Black Lyda Necklace - T09777

Red 8 Palakka Necklace - T01479

Dollar Head Long Necklace - S10437

White Stone Round Locket Short Necklace - S0346

Long Jasmine Bud Short Necklace - S09382

Red Stone Butterfly Short Necklace -S04222

White Floret Necklace - S12456

Spring Time Necklace - S09402

Laxmi Coin AD Short Necklace - S0342

White & Green Stone Short Necklace - S0381

Three Layer Dumbbell Necklace - T06645

Red 4 Palakka Necklace - T09746

White Magenta Green Paun Necklace With Drops - S12468

Maya Necklace - T07703

Black Trisha Locket With Chain - T09759

Magenta Medium Laxmi Locket with Chain - S07318

White Stone Locket Short Necklace - S0333

Sky Blue Chutty Necklace - S09390

Green Florie Locket With Chain - T09789

Elegant Mango Shaped AD Short Necklace - S0350

Black Chutty Necklace - S09388

Harriet Short Necklace - S10413

Elvira Broad Necklace - T06650

Single Layer Dumbbell Necklace - S07331

Magenta Small Aaral Necklace - S05232

Red 44 Palakka Necklace Chain - T01478

Ethnic Lakshmi Necklace - S10409

White Magenta Humming Bird Necklace With Drop - S12457

Red Palakka White Splendid Necklace - T04595

Aniya Long Necklace - T05604

Designer Short Necklace - S0378

Kalliyunjal Coin Short Necklace - S04139

White Emollient Necklace - S10434

Elin Long Necklace - S08360

Jeena Necklace - T09770

Black Rithika Layer Necklace - T09763

Magenta Nayelle Necklace - S10436

Sneha Necklace - T07704

Raspberry Oana Necklace - T09743

Brilliant CZ Mayura Pendant With Short Chain - S06244

White Stone Single Flower Short Necklace - S04214

White Chutty Short Necklace - S0380

Round Red Palakka Chutty Short Necklace - S0385

Head Kasu Short Necklace - S09387

Magenta Green Twilling Feather Necklace With Drops - S12469

Diva Long Necklace - S10439

Black Intricate Necklace - S10428

Red 20 Nagapadam Necklace - T01481

White Magenta Peafowl Necklace With Drops - S12459

Blue 30 Nagapadam Necklace - T07653

Femina Necklace - S14472

Green Palakka Stone Big Locket With Chain - S0331

White Magenta Green Pavo Necklace With Drops - S12471

Red Palakka Locket With Chain - T09747

Traditional Cute Long Chain - S04224

Red Stone Short Necklace - S0383

Mili Design Necklace - T09754

Green 20 Palakka Short Necklace -S04144

Trendy White Stone Short Necklace - S0377

Red Lakshmi Mishka Necklace - T09750

Kerala Green Nagapadam Big Short Necklace - S0349

Wedding Broad Mango Shaped Necklace Chain - S0338

White Orion Short Necklace - S07321

Spring Round Short Necklace - S0334

Designer Kalliyunjal Necklace With Ring & Stud - S11443

Round Laxmi Magenta Locket With Chain - T01480

Bud Shaped Long Stone Necklace - S04211

Magenta Trisha Locket With Chain - T09787

White Green Trikone Necklace With Drops - S12460

Magenta Lakshmi Petal Bead Necklace - T04588

White Magenta Priya Locket With Chain - T07702

Kalliyunjal Necklace - S0343

White Magenta Exotic Peacock Necklace - T02538

Short Necklace With Red Stone Single Flower - S04218

White Lakshmi Necklace - T07659

Green Round Palakka Short Necklace-S04131

Magenta Splendid Lakshmi Necklace - T04601

Magenta Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T021

Flower Coin Stone Long Necklace - S04148

White Lakshmi Jasmine Bud Necklace - T04590

White Zaira Necklace - S08362

Small Mango Short Necklace - S04226

White Short Stylish Necklace - S04146

Mango Red & Green Palakka Necklace - S0340

White Magenta Pavone Pendant With Chain - T04591

White Splendid Lakshmi Necklace - T04600

Multilayer Adorn Necklace - S10433

Designer Round Short Necklace - S0387

CZ Floral Short Necklace - S04215

Floral Short Stone Necklace - S04221

White Green Bismiya Necklace - T09773

Dazzling White Necklace - S09395

Antique Laxmi Green Pasi Short Necklace - S0348

Muti Layered Stone Necklace Chain - S04138

Chutty Magenta Stone Necklace - S03100

Green Palakka Round Bead Necklace - T04569

Magenta Advik Locket With Chain - T07701

White Magenta Krithika Necklace With Dangler - T07658

White Stone Kalliyunjal Short Necklace - S04212

White Twirling Feather Necklace - S10429

Elakkathai Necklace - S0337

Royal Lakshmi Necklace - T03546

Ovion Short Necklace - S07315

White Audrina Long Multi Layer Necklace - S10430

Round Bead Necklace - T04589

Laxmi White Stone Big Locket Short Necklace-S04141

The Royal Elegant Laxmi Necklace With Danglers - T02540

Glo Necklace - S08359

Green 16 Nagapadam Necklace - T01475

Camille Necklace - T01473

South Indian Stone Necklace Chain - S04147

White Lakshmi Naina Locket With Chain - T09756

Design Small Jasmine Short Necklace - S09385

White Lakshmy Necklace - T09760

Laxmi Big Locket With Chain Necklace - S03103

Arwa Necklace - S08354

Magenta Glorious Lakshmi Necklace - T04598

Magenta Lakshmi Long Jasmine Bud Necklace - T07654

Stylish Short Necklace - S04142

Aquila Short Necklace - S07320

Red Crystal Necklace - S09392

Green Palakka Short Necklace - S04219

Green 16 Palakka Necklace - T01485

White Stone Laxmi Coin Short Necklace - S0330

CZ Peacock Pendant With Short Chain - S06245

Danrelle Long Necklace - S10438

White Magenta Zunairah Necklace With Danglers - T02541

Laxmi Leaf Magenta Stone Locket Short Necklace - S05227

Juana Long Necklace - T09795

Red Big Laxmi Locket With Chain - S03102

White Stone Short Necklace - S04132

White Big Laxmi Locket With Chain - T05602

Kerala Traditional Medium Long Kathakali Necklace - S0339

Black Crystal Necklace - S09393

Laxmi Coin Medium Long Necklace - S04137

Kalliyunjal Short Necklace - S04216

Butterfly Necklace - S10427

Sehra Necklace - S08356

Embroidery Dollar Locket With Chain - T09751

White Magenta Green Antique Peacock With Danglers - T02542

Floral Buds Short Necklace - S04217

White Magenta Lakshmi Jasmine Bud Necklace - T03545

Short Classic Necklace - S04223

Wedding Broad Long Necklace - S0336

White Zayra Necklace - S08355

Green 22 Lovely Palakka Necklace - T07651

Muti Layered Necklace Chain-S0351

Green Crystal Necklace - S09394

Magenta Stone Short Necklace - S0332

White Freesia Short Necklace - S07325

Five Layer Matte Ball Necklace - S07322

Magenta Lakshmi Maple Leaf Necklace - T04587

White Sia Necklace With Dangler - T07707

Green 4 Palakka Short Necklace - S04225

White Lakshmi Round Bead Necklace - T04585

Artize Necklace - S09405

Avoir Necklace - S07312

Laxmi Locket with Red Tube Necklace - S08357

Preeti Long Necklace - T09791

White Magenta Royal Feather Choker With Drops - S12464

Kathakali in Green Nagapadam Big Locket Short Chain - T03547

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