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White Fabia Jhumkas - T01502

Dancing Magenta Jimikki - S05233

Medium Big Swirly Jhumka - V081638

Green Nagapadam Designer Jimmikki - V011388

Magenta Lakshmi Jhumka - U111304

Mayuri White Jimikki - S05234

Spring Jhumka - S06257

Dainty Jhumka - W061850

Magenta Green Trista Jhumkas - T01505

Medium Small White Zubeida Jhumka - V081641

White Atiya Jhumka - T10827

White Magenta Green Lia Jhumka - T08727

White Magenta Kaira Jhumka - U111301

White Ethnic Jhumka - S04202

Bright Clarissa Jhumka - U031067

Blue Palakka Jhumka - T09781

Disha Jhumka - T11957

Big Bubble Jhumka - U111307

White Magenta Ameya Jhumka - T08726

Colette Jhumka - U081193

Medium Small Kioni Jhumka - U111309

Kayla Jhumka - U061117

Magenta Krithika Jhumka - U111303

Medium Big Wreath Jhumka - V081635

Brooklyn Jhumka - T09785

Sunflower Jhumka - V031452

Big Medium Laura Jhumka - V051554

White Magenta Jacqueline Jhumka - T07662

Magenta Stone Jimikki - S0355

White Magenta Ayesha Step Jhumka - T08728

White Magenta Green Hridya Jhumka - T08729

Taren Jhumka - T03554

White Magenta Green Floral Petal Jhumka - T01513

White Stone Cone Jimikki - S0363

Kylie Jhumka - T09782

White Magenta Ethnic Jimikki - S04203

Medium Designer Jasmine Bud Jhumka - U121356

Black Lexi Jhumka - U061114

Small Belle Jhumka - U031061

Fontaine Jhumka - T09779

Red Manga Designer Jimmikki - V011389

Ileana Jhumka - U051095

Medium Big Kairav Jhumka - V081631

White Crystal Naya Jhumka - T08720

Ebony Jhumka - W061852

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