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White Gianna Jhumka - T07661

Red Alisha Jhumka - T10822

Bubble Jimikki - S0358

Magenta Green Trista Jhumkas - T01505

White Magenta Ethnic Jimikki - S04203

White Stone Cone Jimikki - S0363

Kylie Jhumka - T09782

Magenta Crystal Flore Jhumka - T07698

Avior Step Jhumka - T09784

Elegant Jimikki - S0359

Small Leafy Designed Jimikki - S04175

Trendy Jimikki - T04568

White Magenta Ameya Jhumka - T08726

Priya Jhumka - U011027

Magenta Stone Jimikki - S0355

Mayuri White Jimikki - S05234

Hanging Jimikki-S0366

Lovely Jhumkas - S07297

Alfiya Step Jhumka - T11893

Green Magenta Jimikki - S0361

White Fabia Jhumkas - T01502

Elena Jhumka - T07696

White Ishaana Jhumka - T08732

Brooklyn Jhumka - T09785

Spring Jhumka - S06257

Kanza Jhumka - T09796

Fontaine Jhumka - T09779

Elaina Jhumka - T07694

White Magenta Ayesha Step Jhumka - T08728

Alina Jhumka - T11956

White Magenta Merak Jhumkas - T01509

White Stone Big Jimikki-S0354

White Magenta Green Pavo Jhumkas - T01506

White Magenta Spark Jhumka - S06258

White Crystal Naya Jhumka - T08720

White Magenta Green Lia Jhumka - T08727

Mili Medium Jhumka - T08715

Dazzling Jhumka - S05231

Trendy Medium Jimikki - S0357

Nyle Jhumka - T11930

Disha Jhumka - T11957

Arianna Jhumka - S11448

South Indian Jimikki - S0386

Nyla Jhumka - T11916

Kasu Jimikki Medium Small - S0365

White Magenta Swark Jhumkas - T01511

Medium Jasmine Bud Jhumkas - T09778

Kirie Jhumka - S11452

White Magenta Jacqueline Jhumka - T07662

White Lisha Jhumka - T10837

Joyous Jhumka - T09780

White Magenta Green Elissa Jhumkas - T01507

Tri Jhumka - U011026

Black Khazana Jhumka - T09786

Black Crystal Flore Jhumka - T07699

White Ethnic Jhumka - S04202

Nitha Jhumka - T09783

Black Crystal Naya Jhumka - T08719

White Pasi Jimikki - S0360

White Khazana Jhumka - T11929

White Laxmi Jhumka - T01503

White Magenta Green Hridya Jhumka - T08729

White Magenta Green Darline Jhumkas - T01508

White Atiya Jhumka - T10827

Big Jasmine Bud Jhumkas - S11446

White Magenta Green Ekisha Jhumka - T08733

Dancing Magenta Jimikki - S05233

White Magenta Green Floral Petal Jhumka - T01513

Blue Palakka Jhumka - T097681

Green Nagapadam Jimikki - S0353

White Magenta Vedika Jhumka - T08730

Lorena Jhumka - T09797

Black Crystal Jimikki-S0356

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