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White Butterfly Stud - S07335

Regal Hoop Earrings - S07343

White Magenta Swark Jhumkas - T01511

White Magenta Celin Dangler - T07683

Kasu Jimikki Medium Small - S0365

Arika Dangler - S11451

White Pasi Jimikki - S0360

Magenta Wavy Stud - S06268

Trendy Jimikki - T04568

Chloe Dangler - T07685

White Magenta Spark Jhumka - S06258

Lovely Jhumkas - S07297

Red Nagapadam Stud - T07671

White Laxmi Danglers - T01503

Floweret Hoop Earring - S06250

Big Laxmi Kasu Stud with Press back - S0367

White Magenta Splendour Hoop Earrings - S07339

Small Leafy Designed Jimikki - S04175

Cerelia Dangler - S11449

Big White Magenta Floral Stud - S04174

Peafowl Drops - S06276

Adora Danglers - S06281

Red Palakka Stud - T07665

White Magenta Green Floral Petal Jhumka - T01513

Bubble Jimikki - S0358

White Magenta Green Pavo Jhumkas - T01506

Magenta Stone Jimikki-S0355

White Stone Cone Jimikki-S0363

White Magenta Gia Chandbali Earrings - T01504

White Magenta Bloom Dangler - T06636

Flora Stud - S06266

Green Magenta Mor Dangler - S06269

Twinkling Danglers - S06270

Elegant Dangler - S06263

Symphony Danglers - S06274

Splendour Stud - S06277

Trendy Medium Jimikki - S0357

White Magenta Majestic Feather Stud - S11441

Adorn Dangler - S06261

White Magenta Ethnic Jimikki - S04203

Big Jasime Bud Jhumkas - S11446

Big White Green Floral Stud-S0362

Diya Hoop Earring - S06253

Green Nagapadam Jimikki - S0353

Magenta Green Trista Jhumkas - T01505

Coin Royal Round Stud - S07295

Arianna Jhumka - S11448

Red Dahlia Dangler - S11444

Royal Magenta Drops - S04173

Dazzling Jhumka - S05231

Magenta Stone Flower Stud - S0376

Classic Stud - S04179

White Magenta Green Artize Dangler - T01512

White Magenta Ziah Chandbali Earrings - T01501

White Ethnic Jhumka - S04202

White Magenta Ziya Chandbali Earrings - T01500

Royal Blue Palakka Stud - S07303

Tria Stud - S06267

Green Charming Dangler - S10422

Enticing White Laxmi Big Stud - S09384

White Magenta Merak Jhumkas - T01509

White Magenta Green Darline Jhumkas - T01508

South Indian Jimikki - S0386

Laxmi Floral Stud - S07293

Calendula Dangler - S11450

Dancing Magenta Jimikki - S05233

Lovely Stone Stud - S04176

Thrive Hoop Earrings - S07333

Mango Stud - S07294

Elegant Jimikki - S0359

Laxmi Round Stud - S07300

White Magenta Green Bloom Dangler - T06637

Exquisite Dangler - S06273

Green Palakka Stud - T07664

White Magenta Ria Dangler - T07672

Dior Studs - S06280

Floria Dangler - S06279

Zoya Dangler - S06264

Black Tansy Drops - S11453

Paon Dangler - S07299

Red Manga Stud - T07668

Green Round Palakka Stud - S07301

White Magenta Green Elissa Jhumkas - T01507

Magenta Green Love Birds Chandbali Earrings - T01514

Eira Hoop Earrings - S07342

Blue Manga Stud - T07666

White Magenta Green Lovisa Danglers - T06639

Mayuri White Jimikki - S05234

Spring Jhumka - S06257

Green Nagapadam Stud - T07670

Double Coin Stud - S04178

White Magenta Green Gaia Chandbali Earrings - T01515

Green Manga Stud -T07667

White Owl Stud - S07346

Sienna Jhumka - S11447

White Gianna Jhumka - T07661

Green Magenta Jimikki -S0361

Blue Nagapadam Stud - T07669

Glorious Hoop Earrings - S07334

Kirie Jhumka - S11452

Black Crystal Jimikki-S0356

White Aster Flower Stud - T06635

Hanging Jimikki-S0366

White Round Stud - S07340

Green Palakka Drops - S04206

Blue Palakka Stud - T07663

White Stary Stud - S07347

Bloom Hoop Earring - S06254

Leafy Dangler - S06265

Floret Dangler - S06252

Blossom Dangler - S06259

Charm Hoop Earrings - S06251

White Tri Stud - S07344

Eternal Stud - S06275

White Heart Stud - S07341

Magenta Charming Dangler - S10423

Novelty Studs - S06278

White Magenta Samaira Danglers - T06638

Chloe Stud - T07684

Big Laxmi Stud - S0352

White Magenta Green Twilling Feather Chandbali Earrings - T01510

White Fabia Jhumkas - T01502

White Magenta Advika Dangler - T06633

Elegant Stone Stud - S04177

Grandeur Studs - S06282

Blue Round Palakka Stud - S07302

White Magenta Round Big Stud - S04183

White Charming Dangler - S10421

White Cherished Stud - S07345

Magenta Aster Flower Stud - T06634

White Wavy Stud - S06260

White Magenta Peacock Drops-S034

White Square Stud - S07332

White Magenta Jacqueline Jhumka - T07662

Royal Feather Dangler - S06272

Royal White Drops - S04182

Breya Dangler - S06262

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