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Bright Clarissa Jhumka - U031067

White Lexi Jhumka - U061115

Disha Dangler - T11952

Floria Dangler - S06279

Magenta Anika Stud - T07690

Symphony Danglers - S06274

Green Palakka Tria Stud - V031443

White Felicia Stud - U071137

White Blue Jane Stud - T07679

White Magenta Kaira Jhumka - U111301

White Azure Stud - U071146

Eve Stud - T07682

Magenta Nora Stud - U071147

White Magenta Elena Stud - U051090

White Nora Stud - U071145

White Ishaana Jhumka - T08732

Green Nagapadam Jimikki - S0353

White Tri Stud - S07344

White Magenta Green Lia Jhumka - T08727

White Magenta Bloom Dangler - T06636

White Magenta Green Lovisa Danglers - T06639

White Floweret Dangler - T10825

Arika Dangler - S11451

Magenta Lexi Stud - U071144

Medium Small Kioni Jhumka - U111309

White Twin Thali Stud - T11925

White Magenta Green Twilling Feather Chandbali Earrings - T01510

Thrive Hoop Earrings - S07333

Green Leafy Stud - T10812

White Blue Celina Stud - U031039

Magenta Azure Stud - U071148

Small Nova Jhumka - U111296

Green Droplet Palakka Stud - V031448

White Paun Stud - U071143

White Magenta Chutty Dangler - T09742

White Mirari Stud - U071136

White Ethnic Jhumka - S04202

Black Lexi Jhumka - U061114

White Magenta Green Bloom Dangler - T06637

White Cherry Tri Stud - T11913

White Isha Jhumka - U031044

Adelmira Jhumka - V041524

White Green Anisha Dangler - T08731

Magenta Paun Stud - U071142

Ileana Jhumka - U051095

White Magenta Julia Stud - T07687

Chiara Dangler - U061112

White Cherished Stud - S07345

White Elaine Stud - U071140

White Nimisha Stud - T10809

Magenta Stone Flower Stud - S0376

Dancing Magenta Jimikki - S05233

Magenta Peafowl Dangler - T07693

White Magenta Jacqueline Jhumka - T07662

Danica Dangler - U031069

Nitha Jhumka - T09783

White Jane Stud - T07678

White Magenta Green Elissa Jhumkas - T01507

Blue Palakka Jhumka - T09781

White Callie Stud - U031040

Green Double Manga Dangler - V031450

White Black Aria Dangler - U031036

Green Nagapadam Designer Jimmikki - V011388

White Magenta Merak Jhumkas - T01509

Magenta Callie Stud - U031041

Red Manga Designer Jimmikki - V011389

Akira Jhumka - V041523

Twin Lakshmi Kasu Stud - T11926

Black Crystal Flore Jhumka - T07699

Green Magenta Mor Dangler - S06269

Swaran Dangler - T11904

Tansy Stud - V041522

Double Coin Stud - S04178

White Aria Dangler - U031037

Magenta Bonnie Stud - U051075

Magenta Green Julia Stud - T07689

Red Palakka Jhumka - U081182

Big Blue Palakka Stud - U121358

White Laxmi Leaf Stud - V021413

White Sky Blue Chutty Dangler - T07676

White Emma Dangler - U031071

Flora Stud - S06266

White Atiya Jhumka - T10827

Green Magenta Jimikki - S0361

Zubeida Dangler - T11903

Kylie Jhumka - T09782

Royal Feather Dangler - S06272

Sparrow Bird Drop - T11875

White Danika Dangler - U031070

White Maroon Round Stud - T11912

Magenta Ivy Stud - U051092

White Stone Cone Jimikki - S0363

Magenta Elegant Stud - S04177

Brooklyn Jhumka - T09785

Magenta Dhriti Stud - T08716

Green Manga Stud - V021410

White Magenta Green Darline Jhumkas - T01508

Magenta Leia Dangler - T11935

White Lexi Stud - U071135

Red Lovely Palakka Stud - V031449

Peafowl Drops - S06276

Imara Hoop Earring - T11928

White Flower Cluster Dangler - T10826

White Big Round Stud - S07340

Twinkling Danglers - S06270

White Owl Stud - S07346

White Magenta Samaira Danglers - T06638

White Heart Stud - S07341

Big White Floral Stud - T10805

Magenta Krithika Jhumka - U111303

Magenta Floral Dangler - T09757

White Amy Stud - T07673

Taren Jhumka - T03554

Magenta Karen Stud - U061110

Fontaine Jhumka - T09779

Red Lexi Jhumka - U061116

Magenta Kasu Lakshmy Jhumka - U081194

Blue Lexi Jhumka - U061113

Diya Hoop Earring - S06253

White Piya Stud - U031035

White Magenta Ethnic Jimikki - S04203

Magenta Elle Stud - U051087

Magenta Green Leafy Stud - T10813

White Laxmi Leaf Stud - T11867

White Magenta Cali Stud - U051081

Floweret Hoop Earring - S06250

White Buttrose Stud - T10815

Charm Hoop Earrings - S06251

Red Palakka Tria Stud - V031442

Kirie Jhumka - S11452

Small Leafy Designed Jimikki - S04175

Magenta Leafy Stud - T10814

White Orange Chutty Dangler - T09741

Green Double Palakka Oval Dangler - T08718

Green Round Palakka Stud - V021409

White Magenta Green Hridya Jhumka - T08729

White Farah Stud - U071139

Magenta Lakshmi Jhumka - U111304

White Ceylia Dangler - T11878

Adora Danglers - S06281

Magenta Green Frida Dangler - T11874

Disha Jhumka - T11957

Magenta Crystal Flore Jhumka - T07698

Magenta Jenna Dangler - T07686

Green Anika Stud - T07691

Magenta Farah Stud - U071138

White Magenta Green Mor Dangler - T09798

White Cali Stud - U051083

Colette Jhumka - U081193

Blue Palakka Stud - T07663

White Magenta Bria Stud - U051078

Blue Bonnie Stud - U051074

White Magenta Gia Chandbali Earrings - T01504

Grandeur Studs - S06282

Zareen Dangler - T11868

Red Dahlia Dangler - S11444

Big White Black Floral Stud - T10807

White Magenta Mila Dangler - T07695

Lyla Dangler - V041521

White Magenta Melissa Dangler - T08723

White Magenta Bonnie Stud - U051073

White Wavy Stud - S06260

Lovely Stone Stud - S04176

Red Double Manga Dangler - V031455

Big Bubble Jhumka - U111307

White Magenta Green Artize Dangler - T01512

Kayla Jhumka - U061117

Spring Jhumka - S06257

White 7 Stone Stud - V041519

White Sierra Jhumka - U111299

Enamel Magenta Green Amaya Dangler - T11955

Big White Maroon Floral Stud - T10806

Magenta Stone Jimikki - S0355

Mayuri White Jimikki - S05234

Small Belle Jhumka - U031061

White Square Stud - S07332

White Magenta Peacock Drops - S034

White Magenta Round Big Stud - S04183

White Fabia Jhumkas - T01502

White Butterfly Stud - S07335

Medium Big Elivina Jhumka - U121357

Adorn Dangler - S06261

Aster Jhumka - V031453

Splendour Stud - S06277

Magenta Green Love Birds Chandbali Earrings - T01514

Magenta Green Trista Jhumkas - T01505

Frida Dangler - T11927

Della Stud - U051084

Sunflower Jhumka - V031452

White Magenta Ayesha Step Jhumka - T08728

White Heart Shaped Stud - T10811

White Florie Stud - U031043

Black Crystal Naya Jhumka - T08719

White Magenta Green Floral Petal Jhumka - T01513

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