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Green Round Palakka Locket - S04112

Projected Kite Pendant - T11846

White Zinnia Pendant - S07326

White Magenta Lovely Pendant - S08377

Laxmi Locket - S04110

White Stone Krishna Locket - S04108

White Magenta Lovely Floret Pendant - T11879

Laxmi Locket - S04118

Starlet Pendant - S07296

Red Krishna Palakka Pendant - T11945

Lakshmi Round Pendant - T05621

White Lakshmi Pendant - T11845

Tirupati Balaji Small Locket - S07338

Hanuman Locket - T11943

Lakshmi Round Leafy Pendant - T05622

Magenta Hope H Pendant - T06630

White Magenta Glorious G Pendant - T06641

White Magenta Pleasant P Pendant - T06632

Hanging Enamel Locket - S04116

White Magenta Elegant E Pendant - T06628

Magenta Nargis Pendant - T11942

Magenta Krishna Designer Pendant - T06642

White Jonquil Pendant - S07328

Priyanka Locket - T11947

Lakshmi Grand Pendant - T05620

Amelia Pendant - S07291

Embroidery Pendant - T11843

Laxmi Coin Locket - S04124

Laxmi Designer Locket - S04120

Magenta Lovely Heart Pendant - T11880

Magenta Lakshmi Designer Pendant - T05624

Round Floweret Pendant - T11944

Lord Shiva Locket - S07330

Projected S' Pendant - T11847

White Magenta Pavlin Pendant - T11849

Gold Fish Pendant - S06255

Head Coin Locket - S07304

Green Lakshmy Palakka Pendant - T11844

Sayyeshaa Pendant - T11887

White Lovely Floret Pendant - T11882

Embroidery Lakshmi Pendant - T11946

White Darling D Pendant - T06627

Krishna Leaf Locket - S04111

Laxmi Round Designer Locket - S04121

Ganesh Locket - S07336

Magenta Humming Bird Pendant - T11941

White Pasi Locket - S04119

White Lovely Heart Pendant - T11881

Round Lakshmy Pendant - T11851

Projected Amora Pendant - T11848

White Lovely L Pendant - T06631

White Dahlia Pendant - S07329

White Forever F Pendant - T06629

Red Palakka Locket - T11889

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